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Climate change: what do models predict for Europe?

Records show temperatures have increased in Europe – but what changes can we expect to see in the future? Experts at the European Environment Agency (EEA) have produced a series of maps showing projected changes in temperature and precipitation for this century.

The maps have been produced in Eye on Earth, a global public information service which allows users to integrate many different kinds of information, for example combining different map layers.

Europe will be on average 1.5° C warmer in the period 2021-2050 than the period 1960-1990, according to the ensemble of regional climate projections from the ENSEMBLES project. The highest warming is projected over the eastern Scandinavia, and southern and south-eastern Europe. All areas of the continent will warm by a minimum of approximately 0.4° C and a maximum of 2.5° C, the projections indicate.

Fonte: European Environment Agency –